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Choices of Distinctive Places

The French Riviera is full of breathtaking sites, and for this clip, three of them have been selected to symbolize the universe of Arleen.

Phoenix Park : A naturally beautiful place that we have turned into a glittering urban jungle. With precise lighting and the addition of smoke, this place has acquired an almost surreal look. The presence of flamingos, highlighted by our crane and steadicam, reinforced the spectacular character of this scene.

Caussol Observatory : We had the privilege of obtaining permission to illuminate this space between two observation sessions. Even with a cold of -1 degree, the interior and facade were illuminated with splendor. Our crane and steadicam played a crucial role, and the icing on the cake was our 3D plan of the observatory, created by the No Name team.

Les Studios de la Victorine : Here, in close collaboration with the artist, we transformed the place into a shimmering space. Aerial fabrics, fragmented mirrors and a luminous palette were combined to create a unique visual spectacle. To note, this place was shot the same day as the observatory, proving once again our determination for this project.

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An Intimate Collaboration

The design of the clip was a close collaboration with the artist Arleen, ensuring that each visual element reflected his musical universe. Everything from production, to image, to post-production, was supported by the talented team of No Name Visual. All while facing significant logistical and technical challenges.

The result ? A visually striking clip that promises to make an impression. If anticipation is a measure of success, then the world is ready to be dazzled.

Your feedback and impressions on this project will be valuable. After all, at No Name Visual, our goal is to create lasting memories, one clip at a time.