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shooting in an exceptional location

This clip was designed in close collaboration with LINH, the artist and NoName’s teams in charge of the realization, the image and the post production of the project. 

The real challenge of this shoot ? Shot in one of the most famous and preserved monuments in France; the prestigious Fontainebleau castle. A «family house» of the kings of France, handed down from generation to generation from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. Became an imperial palace after the Revolution, it preserves, among other things, the only room of the Napoleonic Throne still existing.

The time we were given to tour in this magnificent castle, was very tight. In fact, we had only one day to shot in this exceptional place. It was a real “tour de force” that was finally possible thanks to a team of passionate and rigorous professionals. And thanks to a high quality gear.

Autour de toi parc
Autour de toi danseurs
Autour de toi Galerie



The mission of this shoot was mainly to transcribe a story through the images. It was also the opportunity to change a little the aesthetics of the artist Linh.  

A difficult challenge at first sight, because in addition to the very tight deadlines, the constraints imposed by this incredible place, and because we were a small team. We didn’t have the manpower we normally need for this type of shooting.

However, thanks to a team of passionate and involved professionals, as well as using high quality equipment (Steady Cam, Easy Ring, Red Komodo aesthetic vintages, Cooke s4 optics…) This shooting was a real success. 

Indeed, our clip Autour de Toi made the buzz on TikTok with more than 8 million views and will soon reach the million views on Youtube. 

a few shots